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JAM : As always - a ball-tearer

I managed to make a (now rare) appearance at the GRBC blues jam on Sunday and it was a blast. I even got to be the barrel girl.

As usual, all the 'Valley jammers are in scintilating form and it's always a pleasure to get up and have a squeak with those guys. Not to mention Karl Radford who was in killer form, burning it up and making a wailing sound on his axe that is truly unique. Some genuine old school chops. Love it!!

Thanks to all who purchased DVD's on Sunday too - your support is much appreciated. Apologies to those who have had some troubles getting their DVD's from the website, we've had some problems in our supply chain management system that have now been sussed out.

We've got a gig this weekend in Morwell at a secret location (it's a private party / function as far as I know) and in a fortnight we'll be back at the Prince Albert Hotel for another fun Friday night. Stay tuned for more details.

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i like to hear your wheels of fire. espciy the sound of spoon full. thank you

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