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Music : Clapton

Well, got my tickets to see Clapton. He was last here about 17 years ago; I remember - I was in high school and it was for the Journeyman album release. Damn, heaps of water has passed under the bridge - for both him and me. We're not the same people we were then...

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GIG : Friday 9th at the Prince Albert Hotel, Williamstown

Just lettin' folks know that we're playing tonight at the Prince Albert Hotel in Williamstown on the corner of Douglas Parade and Albert Street if you're thinkin' of coming on by. We'll be playing from 8pm - 11pm which means y'all can have an early night or kick on and see some more shows if that takes your fancy. Hope to see you there.

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DVD : Pressed and ready for launch!

We are very excited, our DVD's have been pressed and are ready for our launch on the 23rd of September at Seibii's Bar and Cafe in Newborough. Make sure that you put that in your diary. For all you out there wondering where Newborough is; it's 140 kilometers east of Melbourne. It's about an hour and a half by car. It's the home of the blues... in the Latrobe Valley at least.

For a taster though, you will notice in the footer that we've provided some video's for you to download for your video iPod™. These are Wait On Time, Witchoo, Destination Hollywood and Goin' Down Easy. Download and enjoy them, please don't upload them to YouTube or any other kinda media sharing website. We appreciate your support, but we'd prefer to manage all our content on our own. You'll be able to find them on YouTube soon enough...

For now, stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for more news, and hey - if you're lovin' our stuff, don't be afraid to drop us a line.

Update : I've uploaded the 'Wait on Time' track to YouTube, so you can get a little taste of the powerhouse goodness there - email people this goodness! Let them know where to find us!

The direct link to this video is here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhA0jF0ixSs. You can also keep your eyes peeled on our YouTube musician channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/powerhouseblues.

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Launch this Saturday!

It's all happening! - get ready, get excited and get your high-heeled sneakers polished.

This Saturday, 8.00pm at Seibii's in Newborough we'll launch our DVD. We'll kick off with a bit of smoozing and socialising, at about 9.00pm we'll have our 'official' launch; Gary 'Rainbow' Roberts from Gippsland FM wants to say a few things. We get our right of reply and God, there's heaps of people we want to thank! We'll show a couple of select clips from the DVD and then we'll give you the real deal. The Powerhouse Blues Band - LIVE!

We'll be in full party mode by that time and we're looking forward to having a beer with everyone.

Thanks for your support and we'll see you on Saturday.

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Thanks for a great launch

To all those people that turned out on Saturday night to help us launch our new DVD - thank you so much for making it a great and successful evening. Thanks especially to Bill Kay for his great production (as usual) and to Seibii's for their hospitality.

For those people who missed the launch, you can request a DVD online and we'll arrange to get it to you (in exchange for some of your hard-earned of course) as soon as we can!

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